Thursday, November 6

Professional Athletes Make Me Sick

I will not say that all professional athletes make me sick, but there are a whole group of them who are just glorified babies. They have been spoon fed through high school and college, and expect that everything be handed to them. And when they don't get their way they bitch and moan (look at pretty much any NFL wide receiver).

This is a new low for professional athletes though. I know you have to look out for yourself and your family, but many are 'scared' that the Bush tax cuts will be going away once Barack is in office. For example, Jared Allen of the Vikings says:

"It's a sad day for me. I'm a McCain supporter. There is nothing I can do about it now. Our paychecks will be cut in half."

Jared, I hope you know that people can search what your contract is, and I for one do not feel bad for you. According to Rotoworld, Allen signed a 6 year contract worth $73.26 million, with $31 million GUARANTEED. Even if it was true that he'd be losing 1/2 of his paycheck, which it's not, that would still be $36.63 Million. Jared, I'm sorry that my heart isn't bleeding for you...Maybe if you're THAT concerned about your money, you should get a second job during the offseason, or better yet, retire from the NFL and join the rest of us in the lower tax bracket.

However, not all athletes are douchebags:

"We heard so much about how he's going to be taxing everybody who makes over $250,000. That's everybody in our business. So everyone's going to be affected by that. And my argument to them was maybe there's a chance our tax dollars are going to be spent a little more wisely than they have in the past." - Scott Fujita (NO Saints)

"I can't be selfish enough to think about keeping all of my money and just being in a better tax bracket because I have to be sure that I do my part for the world to be a better place for my kids."- Kris Jenkins (NY Jets)

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