Wednesday, November 5

2008 Gold Gloves: Wright, Beltran, Maddux, Victorino...

HELL YEAH, BITCHES!! David Wright AND Carlos Beltran were both honored with 2008 Golden Gloves today. This is the third Gold Glove of Beltran's career and the second in a row for D Dubs. It was hard to watch the Mets this season, considering the way it ended, but I always knew that David and Carlos would take home these awards. David is consistently just too damn good defensively for anyone else to even have a shot. Carlos Beltran had to do double and triple duty in the outfield for the Mets this season. With rookies Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans platooning in left field, and Ryan Church out for a large chunk of the season, Beltran's graceful stride and smart fielding was the team's saving grace many a time this season.

As if there was any doubt, Greg Maddux has one his 18th, and 5th consecutive, Gold Glove. He is without a doubt one of the greatest pitchers of our generation. I remember watching him pitch for the Braves in the late 90s and wishing beyond all wishes that he was a Met haha. I still wish it! I watch him today and I can't believe the command and control he STILL has. He's a machine, an animal, a future Cooperstown staple. Four straight Cy Young Awards ('91-'95), at least 15 wins in 17 consecutive seasons, 3.16 career ERA, the most wins of ANY pitcher in the 1990s, in addition to all the Gold Gloves. The man is a living, breathing, baseball legend.

Oh yeah, and Shane Victorino and a few other people I don't care about won Gold Gloves too. You can read the full list here.


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