Wednesday, November 26

Pro Football Name of the Week

It is time, once again, to honor professional football’s athletes with fun names. This week’s recipient has been overlooked for a couple of weeks, and is the second Green Bay Packer to receive the honor. The award for the LLR name of the week goes to none other than Johnny Jolley Jr. The 320 pound mass of humanity known as the Jolley Green Bay Giant is following a familiar pattern to our names of the week. Jolley has had his legal problems, being arrested in Houston earlier this year on felony drug charges. Is it a prerequisite if you play in the NFL, and have a funny name, to be a menace to organized civilization?


Johnny was busted in Houston by the HPD. They seen him rollin’, they hated, and they caught him ridin’ dirty. How dirty? Jolley was caught with possession of over 200 grams of codeine. Jolley now faces a court mandated curfew, random drug screening, and could face even more severe repercussions for sippin’ on the sizzurp. If he is convicted and faces prison time, I doubt anyone in the slammer would mess with a 320 pound man named Jolley. Congratulations on your LLR honor Johnny Jolley Jr!

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