Monday, November 24

Boogie... I Hope You're Sitting Down

According to Jon Neyman at

There are indications the Mets might consider overhauling their catching situation. While the Mets haven't spoken publicly about any dissatisfaction with their tandem of Brian Schneider and Ramon Castro, some competing executives say the Mets, whose top priorities remain a closer and a starting pitcher, appear open to trading either catcher.

Should the Mets find a deal for their catchers, longtime Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, a free agent, could be a possibility for them. Mets GM Omar Minaya has always liked Ivan Rodriguez, but it isn't known whether they'd consider I-Rod, as well.

Ummm... yeah. Just saying. Let's get him and keep him til Mauer's contracts expires in 2010! We could use some good solid catching in Queens.

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