Monday, November 10

NFL's Name of the Week

It is that time...for me to give out the award for pro-football's most entertaining name of the week. Rivaling Atari Bigby in the magnitude of your names coolness is no easy task.

After extensive research this week's honor was going to be given to C.J. Ah You of the St. Louis Rams. Unfortunately Ah You, is not eligible as he has not seen one snap of action for the lowly Rams.

lawyer milloy

This week's best NFL name goes to Lawyer Milloy of the Atlanta Falcons. Ironically, Lawyer has had legal problems this year, being taken down by the Po for speeding in his black '06 Range Rover, and driving under the influence. Milloy blew a .14 after stalling for over an hour, and failing several field sobriety tests including beginning the old leg up test three times before he was asked to. The honor is yours this week Lawyer for being a walking pile of irony.

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