Tuesday, November 11

MVP of the week: Keith Olbermann

Some of my fondest early sports memories are of watching Keith Olbermann on Sportscenter every morning before I left for high school. He and Dan Patrick are one of the most memorable sports anchor teams of all time. I've always respected Keith, his talents, and his views on sports and politics.

I never knew how much I respected Keith Olbermann until today.

Keith: I couldn't have put it better myself. You used many of the analogies I have also used when discussing the topic amongst family and friends. I commend you for shining a light on this important issue, and for using your voice, talent, and status to help bring this country together at a critical time.

Without further ado...



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Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Well-put. Prop 8 will be repealed, and common sense will prevail over fear and discrimination.