Friday, November 14

Heads Up!

NBA - Is he still "The Answer"?

I figured we should give some love to the NBA teams, since mostly what goes on here is baseball and football. I was looking ahead to this weekend and I'm looking forward to watching the Sunday night game (during the commercials of the football game). The Pistons are on the road visiting the Suns, and the newly acquired Allen Iverson will be in the building:

NHL - The Beasts of The East

Saturday night at 7, the NY Rangers (and boogie's bf) take on the scorching hot Boston Bruins. In the middle of writing this I just realized this is another New York - Boston rivalry that could brew up this season. The Bruins have won 8 of their last 10 games and are sitting at the top of their division. The Rangers, who seem to be the favorites in any game they play, will have their work cut out for them this weekend.

NCAA Football

Like every Saturday in college football, tomorrow promises to be an exciting day. As a football fan you've got to love SEC games. Georgia (10) is going into Auburn to take on the Tigers in what promises to be a slug fest. Look for Georgia' Matt Stafford to throw up some deep balls for his 2 impressive 6 foot plus receivers to go and get. (12:30 game)

Tim Tebow

Speaking of the SEC, the ol' ball coach (Steve Spurrier) will be leading the Gamecocks(25) down to Gainesville , FL to take on his former team the Gators(4). Spurrier, who coached the Gators to a national championship in '97, is looking to kill the BCS title hopes of his former team. Tim Tebow, last year's Heisman Trophy winner (first ever to do it as a Sophomore), will attempt to try to pick apart the #3 defense in the land. This one looks to be an interesting one. (3:30 on CBS)

NFL - Romo Is Back
Tony Romo gets his first chance to play with WR Roy Williams, since Williams was acquired (via trade with Detroit) after Romo broke his pinkie. The Cowboys look to gain some ground on their division rivals who will be missing star RB Clinton Portis. (Anyone else think it's funny that Washington has a guy named Clinton as it's star? I mean we've only got to wait 60-something more days until January 20th, but personally I wouldn't have minded more Bill these past 8 years and to make up for it...

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