Thursday, November 20

D. Wright is PIMP

So Page 6 is reporting that apparently David Wright at his annual "Do the Wright Thing" even for his charity, David had to beat a group of older women (cougars) off with his stick...Ok, well maybe not really with his stick, which I'm sure many of you ladies wouldn't mind, but apparently the women were knocking over little kids just trying to get David to sign a ball. At one point, Wright was overheard pleading, "Ladies, calm down! Please, relax."

Ladies, seriously, this was an event for his charity, it's not like David was at a club or something...I would say I'm just jealous, but the description of the women knocking people over is really not what I'm into.


boogie said...

That's right, Suth. Be very very nice to my boyfriends, or else.

stars said...

Clasico! If I wasn't 3 thousand miles away and right around D Dubs age, I would have assumed it was I who did that. Nice post, Suth!