Thursday, October 30

The NBA Season Begins!

It's basketball season, everyone! The NBA season opened up on Tuesday night to much excitement and anticipation. The Champion Celtics won their opener vs. Lebron and the Cavs on Tuesday. AND my New York Knicks took it to the house against D.Wade and the Heat at the Garden on Wednesday.


So, let me be completely honest. I'm getting back into basketball this season for the first time in a while. Ladies, let's do it together. What do you say? We'll start from scratch and get into it all slowly. Personally, I have a lot of research to do. When I was growing up the Knicks were the only team in any sport that we watched as a family, so I grew up with basketball. I haven't paid much attention since Patrick Ewing retired, but I'm back and ready to rock.

Bigger and better basketball stories coming from Boogie as the season progresses. Ok how many B's are in that sentence?


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