Wednesday, October 22

Kobe pulls a Brady?

The Los Angeles sports community is collectively holding its breath today as the news of Kobe Bryant's injury spreads. Kobe hyperextended his right knee in the second quarter of Tuesday's preseason game vs. the Charlotte Bobcats. He limped off the court and didn't come back out for the second half, nor did he speak to reporters after the Lakers won 102-98. Kobe will be re-examined today to determine the full extent of the injury .

Maybe this is mean, but I would be amused if Kobe needed surgery and was out for most or all of the season. It would be a pretty interesting year in the NBA if the Los Angeles Lakers were taken out of the equation. It would really shake up the league, in my opinion. I'd love to see a couple wayward teams step it up and make a run for it while the Lakers were essentially neutralized. Does that make me a bitch? Oh well...

Go ahead Kobe, do your best Tom Brady impression for me :) Pretty please?

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