Wednesday, October 22

Joba Takes One For the Team


So obviously Yankees fans across the nation rejoiced this past weekend as they watched the Cinderella story Tampa Bay Rays take down their archrivals, the Boston Red Sox. But that elation was short-lived as the news broke of Joba Chamberlin's DUI broke.

I know this argument has been made time and again with the plethora of Hollywood celebs received DUI after DUI this past year, but come on now. Joba plays for the YANKEES - a team who has the highest payroll in baseball, paying their players out over 209 MILLION dollars yearly. Now granted, after you remove the salaries of A-Rod and Jeter, this leaves about 17 dollars for the rest of the team.

Point being, I KNOW homeboy can afford a car service. Even I can dig out a twenty from my dusty wallet to pay for a cab, There is no excuse for driving drunk. NONE.

Let's get it together, Joba. You have had more than enough time to mourn the sorrows of being sent home in September. Or do what I plan on doing. Get drunk and scream at the Phils from the comfort of your own living room.

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