Wednesday, October 15

It Really Must Hurt To Look This Good

Why is it that arguably the sexiest QBs in the NFL are all banged up, out of uniform, and more importantly, out of my sight? Can't one of the fugly ones be out for the season? Jemarcus Russell, perhaps? I'm willing to sacrifice him and JT O'Sullivan. Stars thinks he looks like a molester, and I tend to agree. And you know what? If I see Peyton Manning's mug in one more commercial, I'm gonna break something. I NEED SEXY QBs! See, now I'm all flustered, and I need a little something to make myself feel better.

This should do it.

I feel better already. Luckily Tony Romo's injured pinky finger will only keep him out for a month. I don't know how much longer I can go without that adorable crooked smile of his. And those lips...rawr. Ok, I'm done. I promise...



Suth said...

Romo told the coaches that he's willing to tape his finger and play this weekend...He may be back Sunday. Stay tuned.

stars said...

He should put a bag over his head while he's at it. Romo's got nothing on Brady.