Tuesday, October 7

Is Eli the Superior Manning?


Now I don’t know what Mama Manning put in those boys’ cereal as kids, but whatever her secret ingredient it is, she should copyright it and sell it to me so I can give birth to little Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Seriously. Though I imagine it must occasionally turn into quite a pissing contest around the Manning Christmas tree as to whether it’s fair that the little Colts ornament is hanging higher than the little Giants ornament. Or a thumb war over why that specific shade of blue was chosen for the garland. Then Mama Manning slaps them both and they kowtow to her fury. I’m pretty sure that’s how it happens.

Either way, now it’s a fair fight around the Manning house whereas it certainly wasn’t always, at least not in the eyes of the NFL. Or maybe it isn’t a fair fight because suddenly Eli is putting up numbers that put Peyton’s to shame. Eli had his best statistical game EVER this past weekend as he led the Giants to a 44-6 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. AND, Eli pulled it off without his favorite receiver, Plaxico Burress in the house. It was the Giants’ biggest margin of defeat in the regular-season since 1972. Mama Manning was probably still a raging party girl back then.

Eli’s sudden coming into his own (because why, of course, would I consider him leading the Giants to one of the greatest Super Bowl upsets ever coming into his own? I just don’t.) has the Giants starting off this regular season 4-0 and keeping them in first place in the NFC East. It's nearly like if he was a great quarterback before, he has suddenly turned into a superior to all human beings kind of quarterback.

As for the Colts? Peyton's got them at 2-2 behind a 5-0 Tennessee team. Maybe he's just trying to protect Mama Manning from the horror of her 2 sons playing in the Super Bowl on opposing teams.

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