Tuesday, September 9

Powder Puff Fantasy Football

So Boogie and I have joined a fantasy football league with 10 of our other girlfriends. None of exactly knows what we're doing and it's an interesting array of personalities. Boogie is competitive as hell and trying to kill everyone, ML drafted her whole team based on hilarity of names, D Niz dreams about hockey the whole time she's playing, and me? I have been relying on the kindness of the 12 boys I share an office with to "guide" me to victory. That and my astute skills, of course.

I, being a fairly knowledgeable sports girl, thought fantasy would be no problem for me. And I didn't think it was... until my main man helper posted this. Thanks for changing the names and genders to protect stars. She feels like an idiot anyway - an idiot who has the second highest score in the fantasy league!

- stars

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