Monday, September 8

30 Days of Glory- I'm Getting Sick of the American League

But for you, readers, I press on, knowing someday soon I shall be rewarded with the stunners of the NL... the place where my heart lies. The place that is what I imagine heaven resembles.. the place... Ok, enough about me. Even though numerous members of this organization resemble Lurch, let me take a second to give a little love and respect to the truly sexy men of the Detroit Tigers.

2nd Runner Up:

Ryan Raburn

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Why do I love boys who wear ridiculous sunglasses that went out of style 20 years ago?

1st Runner Up:

Clay Rapada

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Clay is a good Southern pitcher. And who doesn't like a Southern boy with a sweet face?


Dusty Ryan

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Yeah, he is a catcher. A sexy, all kinds of 6'4 catcher. I may have previously made it clear how I feel about big sexy catchers. If not, allow me to reiterate here.

Honorable Mention:

Dontrelle Willis

I don't know necessarily how sexy I think D-Train is, but he makes me laugh.. and gave me an opportunity to showcase this video featuring my beloved D Dubs.

Worst Lurch of Them All:

Dane Sardinha

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I have no words. Just a little vomit in my mouth.

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