Sunday, September 7

Most Absurd Strikeout in History


We look at the big leagues as the epitome of the elite. The big leagues is where athletic prowess is on display daily, a prowess so amazing that most of us will never accomplish anything remotely close in a life time. But occasionally, something happens that leads us to wonder if even our 7 year old cousin who plays teeball could have prevented that mistake. And in this case, I am going to say my little nephew Austin (he is 2 and a half) would have had the sense to say, "Um ump? I am 2 and I can count to 4. Enough is enough."

I am talking, of course, about Angels second baseman Sean Rodriguez going down on strikes on a 4-2 count. What? Yes. A 4-2 count. How that happens is just absolutely beyond me. It is just out of my realm of thinking that neither the umpire (who gets paid to know the count), Rodriguez, neither side's managers, coaches or even a single player from either team realized that IT WAS 4 BALLS. Rodriguez proceeded to take another pitch, strike out, and take a seat - still never realizing he should be on base. No one caught it until after the game.

Thankfully for Rodriguez and his Angels, this game went down in the books as a victory or there wouldn't have been enough laps in the world to make up for that kind of stupidity.


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