Sunday, August 10

LVP of the week - Dan Uggla...AGAIN!

There are no words to describe my disdain for this man. Watching him play the game makes me ANGRY. I don't like watching him in an MLB uniform, holding a bat, playing the field...WHATEVER. I want him to go to Guam and never come back. Since Barry Bonds isn't playing on a team this season, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that there is no active player I dislike more than Dan Uggla. He snags the LVP honor for the second time, and he is officially LLR Public Enemy #1.

We all saw the way he embarrassed the entire National League with 3 errors in this year's All-Star game, our 11th straight loss of the Mid-Summer Classic. Yes, I said "our" because I'm a NL girl, thank you very much. Those errors stung like a bitch! A couple of days after the game, Uggla was quoted as saying he had "already forgotten about it." He also said that it wasn't his first three-error game and it probably wouldn't be his last. If David Wright had a train-wreck of a game like that, his quotes would have been "There's no excuse. Three errors is just unacceptable. This is the Major Leagues. I feel like I let my league down with home field advantage on the line. But, hey, its over now. Tomorrow's another day, I just have to be better. That's all."

THAT'S THE APPROPRIATE RESPONSE FOR THAT SITUATION, DANNY BOY. Sit down, watch, and listen to players like D Dubs. Maybe you'll learn something about A. how to play the game and B. how to have some HUMILITY when you fuck up.

Even though all of that is old news, it drives home my point that Dan Uggla is not welcomed 'round these parts. There IS, however, a main reason why he is this week's LVP. And the reason is that I don't like his freakin' attitude. The Mets have played two series against Uggla's Florida Marlins in the past two weeks. In the first series Uggla had a rough go of things and, on more than one occasion, took his frustrations out on the umpires in a way that's just plain DISRESPECTFUL. One such instance is pictured above from the July 28th game. I'm sorry, but there's no reason for you to be facing a Major League umpire with a bat in your hand/on your shoulder like that. Maybe he didn't have bad intentions, but I don't like the looks of that picture and I didn't like the looks of the scene when I watched it on television either. There was ANOTHER Uggla at-bat in the same series where Uggla struck out looking, then he dropped the bat at home plate and started to walk away in disgust, only to go BACK to home plate to pick up the bat and then stare down the umpire with an intense and inappropriate "I feel like breaking your nose" type of look. That's just un-freakin-called for. Take your bat and get your worthless ass back into the dugout. Three strikes, you're out, have a seat.

I was at Shea last night for the Mets' 8-6 victory over the Marlins. Every single time Uggla came up to bat, I stood up and booed my little heart out. I said every mean thing I could think of without using profanity. Everyone in my section laughed their asses off and loved every second. It even got to the point where complete strangers said "Hey, your guy is up!" if I didn't start booing him right away. Who says New Yorkers aren't helpful? He struck out his first two at-bats, thanks to me. He got hot later in the game, but it was for naught, as my Mets got the victory anyway.

The Mets are in a tight division race with the Marlins and Phillies, and they have to play two series with each team before its all said and done. Rest assured that there will be more tales to tell in the "We Hate Uggla Chronicles". I have no doubt.


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