Saturday, August 9

30 Days of Glory - Spending the Day with the Royals

Nothing I love more than kicking off my day surrounded by some beautiful baseball gentlemen. And if it can't be D Dubs and Joe Mauer, then I am happy to kick it with these fine Royals gentlemen.

2nd Runner Up:


Ron Mahay

I did have some other things, I wanted to say about Ron... but in light of the fact that when I Google Imaged him, a shot of HITLER came up, I would like to talk about that. Any Royals fans out there that can shed some light on the similarities of pitching hottie Mahay and Hitler?

1st Runner Up;


Mike Aviles

Figures that I would dig through the Royals roster and come up with the native New Yorker. Too bad cuz I would have loved to show him around my hometown.



Gil Meche

Good lord. He is going on my fantasy roster to pitch. Mauer, Dubs, Meche triangle? I would just sit in the middle and pinch myself... then probably get dizzy from spinning around, not knowing who to run to.

Honorable Mention:


Jason Smith

This gorgeous little Southern boy may not be the most impressive player on the field, but what he lacks in batting average, he makes up for in that tight body. Nice work, Mama Smith!

So Sorry About the Face:

John Buck

Maybe I just have a tendency to find catchers brute-ish and kind of dirty looking. And somewhat fat. And a little disgusting. This here is the stereotypical catcher for me. Take a lesson from Mauer, Buck! I don't want to see your face here next year!

- stars

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