Friday, July 18

An Ugly Night For Uggla

If you’re a National League fan who watched the Midsummer Classic on FOX on Tuesday night (and you’ve got a bitch of a competitive side), then you probably feel the way I do. Sorry. Damn sorry for the way Florida Marlin’s All-Star second baseman Dan Uggla played in front of the entire baseball community, and the world, in the final All-Star game at Yankee Stadium. Uggla went 0-4 with three strike outs and grounded into a double play to end the 10th inning, stranding runners and first and third. It was downhill in the 11th, when he committed two errors on consecutive ground ball plays. Like many of you, I was pulling my hair out at this point, but it wasn’t over. He committed his All-Star game record third error in the 13th when a bouncer by J.D. Drew took a bad hop and hit Uggla’s glove.

Uggla’s entire family made the trip to see him play at Yankee Stadium for the first (and only) time. His father, John, grew up watching Mickey Mantle make history there, and it was his dream to watch his son do the same. Yeah...not so much.

At least he’s trying to stay positive. "I'm not worried about any carryover," Uggla said. "I've made plenty of errors in my past, that's nothing knew for me. ... I've made three errors in a game plenty of times. It's not going to be the last time. You just go with it. I've already forgotten about it." Sure, keep telling yourself that Danny Boy. Maybe I’ll forget about it in a couple of weeks as well, but when October rolls around and the National League Champion starts the Series in an American League park, I'll remember who had a little something to do with it. I can hold a grudge like nobody's business.


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stars said...

Just shocks and astounds me that he sounds proud that he has made 3 errors in games repeatedly.