Monday, July 21

30 Days of Glory - Baltimore Orioles Style

Let's quash the debate right here. I am a fan of baseball. I love the game. But I am also a woman, and as a woman, I love a fit, sexy ass man running around the field in a uniform. I would imagine most women do (discounting of course my friends who seem to date 12 pound musicians in skinny jeans.) So in an attempt to both show them what they're missing and show the boys of summer a little love, I present... 30 Days of Glory.

For the next 30 days, I have committed myself to the grueling and thankless task of selecting the sexiest men on each MLB team. I am even giving love to the gentlemen of the American League. This particular team was hard to select winners from as apparently the ugly stick shattered and rained all over their dugout and bullpen. But, I was determined to make my selections, so without further adieu, let's show the Orioles a little love.

2nd Runner Up:

Jeremy Guthrie


Why Jeremy is sexy... he was a missionary. I love a man that does charity work... and does it while rocking six-pack abs.

1st Runner Up:

Brian Burres


Mmm... and I am just going to throw it out there that he has an identical twin brother.


Nick Markakis


Congrats to you on being the best of what's around! A good boy originally from Long Island, Nick actually won a silver medal in the Olympics for Greece which makes him infinitely sexier to me. I love a Greek boy... and some damn Greek food. And as the first Oriole since 1999 to hit 3 homeruns in a single game, well, I'm sold. I will gladly eat baklava off of Nick any day.

Honorable Mention:

Alberto Castillo


Alberto Castillo..congratulations on the Inaugural Honorable Mention. This award is presented to you strictly based on the fact that I have virtually no idea what you look like. Even your team elected to post a little .jpeg of an oriole instead of your face on their official site. That to me says maybe I should have named you for the next award.

Wouldn't Hit That If You Paid Me:

Radhames Liz


This was indeed the most attractive photo of Radhames I could find. Scratch that, they were all a bit lacking in the aesthetically pleasing department. While I am sure he is a fine, standup citizen and all-around good guy, Radhames gets a "Hell to the Hell No! I wouldn't hit that if you paid me." (Except I probably would... everyone has a price.)

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