Wednesday, July 30

Black People Like Hockey Too...

Not many of us...but SOME!

Leave it to Ladies Locker Room's token black girl to come at you with an NHL post in the offseason. Hold your applause, it's my pleasure :) Rest assured that LLR will be your source for all things snarky, sarcastic, and NHL-related come October. In the meantime, here's what's movin' and shakin' in the hockey world...

The Nashville Predators, my future home team, signed centre Jerred Smithson to a 2-year contract extension through 2011. I'm pretty excited about this because he's kinda sexy, and I'll need eye candy when I move to Nashville next year.

Antoine Vermette signed a 2-year contract extension with the Ottawa Senators. This is good news because a. Antoine is uber-French Canadian, and I dig it b. The Senators are Kathleen Edwards' favorite team and I like whatever she likes!

Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Jaroslav Modry is leaving the NHL and heading back home to the Czech Republic. He just signed a two-year contract with HC Liberec. Modry is 37-years old, so I can't blame him for wanting to finish his career on his home turf. The move ends his 17-year NHL career. Modry's best season was 2001–02 when he set career highs in assists (38) and points (42) and played in his first All-Star Game. I always get sad when people "retire" even if they weren't that good to begin with haha - I'm such a sap. Peace out Modry - thanks for 17 strong years!

More hockey stuff when there's hockey stuff to report...


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