Wednesday, July 30

30 Days of Glory - Kickin' It With The Chi-Town White Sox

Yes, I am aware that perhaps I missed a day in here. I can only apologize and attribute it to the massive 5.8 earthquake we experienced here yesterday. While no one was hurt, it was my very first earthquake so I elected to act like a bit of a little bitch about it. So much so that I couldn't focus on these sexy Chicago men. Well, I am sorry to them and to you. Let me give them their just desserts now.

2nd Runner Up:

Ken Griffey, Jr.


Had the LLR been around 15 years ago, you would have most likely been champion. But let's be honest.. for an older gentlemen, you can still get it.

1st Runner Up:

Clayton Richard

Mmmhmm... 6 foot 5 pile of man. And apparently I am proving that I have a thing for pitchers.


No One.

Seriously no one. This is the least attractive baseball team in the league. Though I still have a ways to go, so I hope it's the least attractice team in the league.

Honorable Mention:

Brian Anderson


Brian once had a streak of 110 errorless games (something Dan Uggla can only dream of.) And he chose his jersey number because he idolizes Magic Johnson. Que lindo, no?

Please Never Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya:

Juan Uribe


You make me sick, Juan. And frankly it was a tight race for the nastiestr White Sox player. You didn't win by much. The whole team is nauseating.

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