Sunday, January 4

NFL Playoffs: A Focus on Impact Players

As the NFL playoffs begin, the chase for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy grows in intensity. In these playoffs there will be many things to watch for, yet few things to truly appreciate. My focus for this series is to highlight a couple of individuals who have inspired myself, and have a profound ability to change the outcomes of important football games.

I will start with an unlikely, and unsung hero who has essentially lifted his team into the divisional round of the playoffs. He has taken a large role in forcing the mighty Indianapolis Colts to pack up their jock straps, lick their wounds, and watch the rest of the playoffs on television. I am referring of course to the shortest player in the NFL, San Diego Chargers running back, Darren Sproles.


Sproles is listed at 5'6", and if he really is 5'6", I am 6'5". Darren grew up in northeast Iowa in a town called Waterloo, which is known for its John Deere Tractor factory. Waterloo, however, has had one other NFL player reside in it. Former Miami Dolphins punter, and legend, Reggie Robie.

I feel like Darren has inspired all those who were told that they were too short to make it to the big time. Sproles was the 130th pick in the 2005 draft, and is a backup running back to LaDanian Tomlinson. Darren has had to overcome many adversities just to be in the position he is. He has made the most of his chances and most recently ran for 105 yards, and two game altering touchdowns against the NFL's hottest team, the Colts. In lieu Darren's efforts I feel the entire idea a success story is a possibility, and not a fairy tale. Thank you Darren for putting into perspective the belief that no matter if you think you can, or you can not, you are always right.

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