Wednesday, December 3

Yes...the NFL's Name of the Week Returns

In yet another attempt to disperse the tension between Boogie and Suth, and to diminish some of the overwhelming attention to the Plaxico Burress popping a cap in own ass chronicle, I proudly present my name of the week. As we all know I have a knack for selecting players with extensive legal problems (and no, Plaxico will not be this week's recipient ). This week I have chosen someone with a clean criminal record right now. In a shocking upset, this week's winner of the NFL's name of the week is Rex Hadnot of the Cleveland Browns.

This 325 offensive lineman looks like a real sweetheart, and has no pending criminal charges that I know of. His name also looks completely ridiculous on the back of his jersey. Ridicularity is the essence of this award. So congrats to Rex Hadnot...the award comes to the dawg pound. I have much love for the Browns, but the harsh reality is this may be the only award going to Cleveland this football season.

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