Tuesday, December 9

Ya Know... Some People Don't LOVE The Yankees

Namely CC Sabathia. Sorry Bombers.

Reports are in that Sabathia has turned down the Yankees 6 year deal. Yankees fans and personnel have no concept of how anyone would not want to play in the Bronx. They feel it's a high esteem and honor to play within that organization.

And while I understand that everyone feels that way about their own ballclub, to that i say... really, Yanks? I understand and appreciate the history that comes with being a part of the Yankees franchise, I do. But coming off a year where they not only didn't win the World Series or even make the playoffs, they were also out of the playoffs practically in April. That makes me wonder, why is it such an honor? What makes playing for the 2009 Yankees a better opportunity than playing for the Washington Nationals?

As it stands, sticking with the Brew Crew seems to be the direction CC is headed, but the Giants remain confident that they will start '09 with Sabathia on the mound.

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Erica said...

Thank you for the seven hits. I'll let you play my birthday on roulette when we're in Vegas for 19 minutes.