Monday, December 22

Women Across America Are Gunning For Shaun Smith


Rumors have been flying around for the past few weeks that Cleveland Brown DT Shaun Smith (who I believe no one has ever heard of, including Browns' coach Romeo Crennel) took a swing at LLR's beloved Brady Quinn. While this tale had previously been dismissed, new reports from the Cleveland Sports Examiner and ProFootballTalk are coming in claiming that this story isn't the insane falsehood it was previously believed to be.

While Quinn is denying it (and what pretty boy who is desperate to be manly and tough wouldn't?), it's looking more and more likely that Quinn was on the receiving end of Smith's big fat fisticuffs. An investigation will be launched into the accuracy of this, but one thing is for sure. If the rumor is true, Shaun Smith can book a one-way plane ticket right back to Brooklyn 'cuz the Browns don't need any part of that. Smith should really have done his talking on the field.

Nice job, no name.

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