Friday, December 5

Plax’s Top 10 Reasons the Gun Was at the Club

10. Oops, I forgot to take my glock out of my pants before I left the house today.

9. I usually take it with me to IHOP, and I thought we were gonna go home before hitting the club.

8. I thought it was my ‘Zach Morris’ cell phone.

7. I thought it was my gun shaped belt buckle.

6. Marvin Harrison suggested that I keep my gun in my pants instead of my car wash.

5. I was rehearsing for my role as Cheddar Plax in Eminem’s next movie.

4. Pacman put it there.

3. Just because I’m the one with the bullet hole in my leg, the gun was registered to me, and the gun allegedly fell out of my pants, doesn’t mean I was the one who brought it here.

2. I thought that gun was tucked into my other jeans.

1. I was on my way to meet Governor Palin & Dick Cheney.

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