Tuesday, December 16


2008 Pro Bowl selections were announced today, and what do you know? The New York Jets lead the NFL with seven players in the Pro-Bowl including Mr. Brett Favre, who will be making his 10th Pro Bowl appearance.

The New York Football Giants will be represented by an NFC-leading six players at this year's Pro Bowl. This will be Eli Manning's first Pro Bowl, but it will be his brother Peyton's eleventh. This is the first time two brother quarterbacks will play in the same game. Check out the full NFC roster here and the AFC selections here.

I am happy to report that a Jets vs Giants match up in Superbowl XLIII is totally in the realm of possibility.

Don't hate!



stars said...

i think it would be a wonderful christmas present if someone were to photoshop me between favre and manning in that picture.

Suth said...

i shall work on it stars...

boogie, the giants are in the NFC :)

boogie said...

oopsie :x