Wednesday, November 19

Watch Out Baseball Fans!


The ladies are coming to get you! And no, not Boogie and I, though I suppose that is a valid fear as well. I'm talking about little Eri Yoshida from Japan.

So who is this girl and why should you all know her name? Eri is a 16 year old school girl who is about to become the first female to play professional baseball in Japan. She was drafted by the Kobe 9 Cruise, a team that will play its' inaugural season this year with a woman on the mound. She was one of only 33 players selected in the draft. Apparently she throws a nasty side-arm knuckleball and hopes to follow in the footsteps of Tim Wakefield. We sure hope she does too!

When asked for comment, Wakefield replied via text:

"Hope I can see her pitch one day, I'm honored that someone wants to become me. I wish her the best of luck. Maybe I can learn something from her."

Happy Wednesday kudos to bitches who kick ass! We've got our eye on you, Eri!

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