Monday, November 24

Red Sox offer Varitek a new contract!!


I don't want to get my hopes up, but this is good news! The Red Sox offered Captain Jason Varitek a one year deal, the financials of which have not been disclosed. The Red Sox probably low-balled him, considering his '08 was packed with career-worsts, .220 with 13 homers and 43 RBIs. Any baseball idiot knows that Jason Varitek is more than just a catcher and a captain. He's a great defensive catcher, and he can guide a shaky pitcher through a snow storm. John Lester, anyone?

Jason Varitek has played his entire career in Boston. He's the only player to wear the old fashioned high red socks. He deserves to finish his career right where he started it. Now that an offer is on the table, this could go one of three ways.

1. Varitek accepts the offer and finishes out his career in Boston. Unless he has a hugely successful '09, I'm nearly confident he'll retire after next season.

2. Varitek rejects the offer, deciding instead to go out very close to the top with that C on his chest and 2 World Series Championships rings on his hand. After going 86 years without a championship, how many legendary Red Sox stars in history can say that??

3. Varitek rejects the offer and signs with another team for what will probably be not much more money that he'll make in a final season in Boston. Can any team make him an offer sweet enough to leave his beloved Boston behind? And let's not forget about the personal issues he's dealing with this year. In case you hadn't heard, his wife of 12 years and mother to his three daughters filed for divorce at the end of July. These are all factors, no doubt.

As much as I would LOVE to see Jason play in Queens, I don't actually think my Mets will go after him. I do think we could use a veteran catcher to get our pitching staff on track, but not necessarily a catcher in the twilight of his career. Jason Varitek will turn 37 in April.

I'll cross my fingers for option #1. Anyone else want to weight in?

Just remember I'm sensitive when it comes to my boyfriends...


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