Monday, November 10

Obama Support Pouring In

As all of you fabulous and faithful readers of LLR know, this past Tuesday was my birthday and all I asked from any of you (besides enabling my Mauer posting addiction) was a vote for Obama, a vote for change. And I don't know who amongst you came through in the clutch, but someone did. And hearing some of our beloved athlete's reactions to this has both surprised and appalled us here.

And I never thought I would say this, but way to go, LeBron James.

Let me be clear on my thoughts on King James. I do not like him. Not one bit. And this has nothing to do with my love of a particular basketball team, but it is a personal dislike. Do I know King James? I do not. Have I ever met the great LeBron? Nope. I did, however, once sit a table away from him at a bar while a Mets game blasted on several screens. LeBrown insulted my Mets (like only a Yankees fan would -- especially when their team was already done for the season) and I felt personally attacked and offended by this.

I don't think he ever turned around and looked my way. But like a true die-hard fan, it was ON.

So it is my great pleasure today to share with you all how maybe LeBron has begun to redeem himself. According to ESPN , LeBron was quoted as saying the election was uplifting and unbelievable.

"It was uplifting. It was something that you can tell your kids, you
really can become anything now. You don't have to become a basketball player.
You can become President of the United States. It was definitely an unbelievable
feeling. It was definitely one of those feelings that you say, 'Wow.'"

Wow is right. The man donated $20,000 to an Obama committee, hosted a free concert with Jay-Z and took part in an early voter registration rally. He was often spotted sporting Obama gear.

Thanks to LeBron's inspiring words, the LLR is happy to present you with a hall pass for insulting the Mets. Use it wisely 'cuz you only get one.

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