Saturday, November 1

Obama or McCain for NBA Commissioner?


Greetings sportschicks, sportsmen and, for you politically "correct" pests, sportspeople. For my first blog on the LLR, I'd like us to take a moment from the incessant political bickering and highly questionable polls to address a far more relevant issue. We’re all familiar with the “Which candidate would you rather have a BBQ with?” line of polls. The accuracy of said polls in determining the next president has been uncanny for decades. So how about this: “Which candidate would make the best NBA Commissioner?”

Our marvelous, troubled, nation, has never been more starved for a viable third Party, so let’s consider this trifecta--our current NBA Chief, David Stern and whether or not he should be replaced with either Barack Obama or our neckless, elderly POW, Mr. John McCain. All three offer intriguing platforms.

David Stern has led the NBA for 24 years, chaperoning The Association through the burgeouning Bird-Magic-Jordan era and handling the insurgance of high schoolers, labor disputes and the hip hop era with tact and a seven figure salary.

Barack can straight up ball. He's cool, an idol of most of the current cagers and, I'm just gonna say it, is black. About 80% of the players are black. Does this count for something? Perhaps.

McCain might not be able to dribble, drain a shot at the charity stripe, or even look down, but putting a military hero in charge of an increasingly aggressive workforce is an intriguing proposition. And, as a Republican, would he be better equipped to deal with several hundred ridiculously paid, spoiled brats? Maybe.

We're all about democracy here at the LLR, so you decide.

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