Tuesday, November 4

Jerome Boger Sucks

Sunday afternoon, during the New York Giants’ domination of the Dallas Cowboys, Justin Tuck laid out Cowboys 3rd string quarterback Brooks Bollinger. The stadium at the Meadowlands roared, and seismologists recorded tremors around the tri-state area. The hit occurred as Bollinger was releasing the football. It was a clean, hard hit, that took Bollinger off of his feet and, while not sustaining any physical injuries, I am sure that good ‘ol Brooks was not the same quarterback for the rest of the game. That’s the way the game is played…or should be. What was unexpected and controversial was that Tuck was flagged for roughing the passer by referee Jerome Boger.


What in the hell kinda call was that? I know I have been giving the zebras a tough time this year, but get it right Boger. This is tackle football! You can not flag a defensive player for a clean tackle that you thought was too hard. This trend is growing more prolific around the league. The interest of the safety of the players is something I’m all for. You should penalize a guy going for a player’s knees, or leading with his helmet, or delivering a roundhouse kick to the throat. I don’t think Tuck’s hit could have been cleaner if Bollinger was a tackling dummy (essentially he was) and Justin lifted him off of the ground and placed him on the grass with care. This is NFL football zebras…let’s act like it. If it’s too much for you I hear there is a shortage of conceptual fairy dancing judges.

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