Monday, November 3

David Wright Can't Stand the Phillies Either


Looks like our beloved D Dubs is working overtime to get back on the good side of the LLR and we are fully OK with that. David has gone on record aimed at Jimmy Rollins, saying "We don't like you guys either." Take that and bite on it Rollins.

Newsday quotes David with the following.

"I don't like those guys," Wright said. "I know they don't like us. There are
guys that I respect on that team. I respect them, but that doesn't necessarily
mean that I'm going to be friends with them. My whole career, I've tried to stay
away from that. I'll shake somebody's hand and say hello, but I'm not going to
be buddy-buddy with anyone before the game."

Teehee. Welcome back, honey. We missed you.

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