Monday, October 20

The Stage Is Set

It has been decided.

The 2008 World Series Championship will be an epic battle between the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League and the upstart Tampa Bay Rays of the American League.


Who could have called THIS ONE a year ago? Not I. Certainly not I.

The Rays are a 10-year old franchise who are tasting the postseason for the first time ever. They had the worst record in Major League Baseball last season (66-96) and the team is full of young players with TONS of talent, but limited experience. The Phillies have become the pulse of Philadelphia lately, and their fair city hasn't won a Championship in ANY sport since 1983.

I must say, as a National League New York Metropolitans fan and an all-around lover of baseball, I am a bit torn. I am an NL girl all the way, and I would usually not hesitate to back whatever NL team made it to the big dance based on principle alone. HOWEVER, the Philadelphia Phillies are my archrivals. They've taken the division from my Mets the last two seasons in a row, and yes, I'm bitter.

The Tampa Bay Rays have dropped the devil out of their name, and now the franchise's first championship is within reach. BJ Upton had 9 home runs in the 145 games he played this season, and he has 7 homers in 11 POSTSEASON GAMES. Way to step it up, BJ! Show 'em how we do it back home in VA!! The Rays line-up is just chock-full of weapons (Garza, LONGORIA, did you SEE David Price's 9th inning pitches? FIRE!!), and they will need them all to match up against the Phillies. I hate the Phillies so much that I can't even name the exact players the Rays need to neutralize. You know their names. I'm in a good mood this morning, and I'd like to keep it going.

The moral of this post is that for the immediate future, I have joined stars on Team Longoria, and I will be screaming my face off for the Tampa Bay Rays to become 2008 World Series Champions. My love for the Mets and my hatred for the Phillies make it so. I never really had a choice in the matter. I never thought I'd say this, but LET'S GO AMERICAN LEAGUE!


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