Friday, October 31

An Open Letter to Omar Minaya

Dear Mr. Minaya,

The Ladies Locker Room team would first like to thank you for your diligence with respect to the New York Mets franchise and its future. We truly believe that you have a vision for the future of our ballclub and that vision includes division titles, pennants, and World Series Championships galore. It's great to know that we are all on the same page. There's nothing we'd love more than to christen Citifield with an exciting postseason run in 2009. To that end, we hope you have heard the news of Trevor Hoffman's free agency declaration. We here at LLR have one thing to say regarding this news:


We don't need to tell you that Trevor Hoffman is one of the greatest closers in baseball history and a LOCK for Cooperstown, or that dumping Luis Castillo will free up space in the salary cap to close a Hoffman deal. You're good at your job. You know these things. Make it happen.

That is all.


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jdimaio said...

and science has yet to create a form or transport fast enough to speed Shoenweis and Heilman the f**k out of here!