Thursday, October 16

Is THIS How They Make 'Em In Sweden?


Because if so, you can sign Boogie and I up for a one-way ticket, leaving right now. Hot Damn. Welcome to Fabian Brunnstrom. Step over the ladies who have fainted in his presence and let's get to know this boy a little. Or a lot. I am planning on a lot. You think I overpost about Joe Mauer? You ain't seen nothing yet. =)

Last night was Fabian's debut in regular season NHL hockey. All eyes were on him after it seemed like the whole league was courting him last season and then he had a far less than stellar pre-season.

Well, this Dallas Star did not disappoint. In Brunnstrom's DEBUT game against the Predators, he not only scored his first NHL goal, but scored a GODDAMN HAT TRICK. Even Sidney Crosby, our beloved Golden Boy, didn't do that. I, for one, can not WAIT to see a Stars/Penguins matchup. RAWR.

Keep your eyes on him this season, because hey, even if he sucks, it's still some nice eye candy.

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