Tuesday, October 14

Boogie is BACK!

My Fellow Americans!

Your girl boogie is back in action here at LLR! I know you missed me oh so much. I had to take a short hiatus to deal with some personal stuff (life ain't always grand slams and touchdowns, unfortunately!) but I am back on the scene with some sports commentary fo yo ass!

Let us begin with last night...

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY 4-0 GIANTS? They were looking like the best team in the league so far this season, and now we've collapsed under the Cleveland Browns of all teams. THE CLEVELAND BROWNS. Do not adjust your TV sets. You have not entered the twilight zone. Eli Manning looked a like his pre-Superbowl MVP self last night, throwing 3 picks into the hands of the Browns defense.

As I sat on my couch with a brew in my hand and the remote control in the other, flicking over to the Phillies vs Dodgers whenever Eli got me too upset to watch, I thought to myself "this is not happening." I wanted a perfect night. A Giants win, A Phillies loss, and 21 fantasy points was ALL I NEEDED to make that happen. It wasn't meant to be. Matt Stairs' 2-run bomb sealed the deal on Game 4 for the Phillies, Eli's final interception put it way out of reach for the Giants, and the measly 10 fantasy points I collected from Eli and Kevin Boss combined just didn't cut it.

If it hadn't been for reruns of Quantum Leap, my night would have been absolutely ruined! Sam, Al, and Ziggy always seem to come to my rescue, but I digress...

All I have to say is that now that its Tuesday, my Giants can take all of the mini-failures of last night, work 'em the hell on out in practice, get on the same page, and take it to the house when we host the 49ers on Sunday. I'll be damned if I lose to the Browns and then then 49ers! I'll absolutely be looking around for Rod Serling then. PSH!


ps - Manny. I can not have the Phillies in the World Series. I just can't. Do your thing, ok?? Geez...

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stars said...

Welcome back, Boogie! We missed you. =)