Saturday, September 20

Red Sox Rookies - HAZED!

The fun never stops. These photos come compliments of Kelly O'Conner and Liza (ripped from OutInCenterField

Chris Carter
First of all, the wig askew just gives a magnificent touch. I think I went to high school with a girl who had roots like that. Her boobs were far less impressive, however.

Chris Smith
This is hands down my favorite. He really seems at home. I guess he earned that tiara.

Davern Hansack
So the theme this year was High School Musical. So I am assuming Davern must be the Zac Efron character or that other guy whose name I am pretty sure no one has ever known. He got off easy. Too bad no one dressed as full bush Vanessa Hudgens.

Jonathan VanEvery
Priceless. Simply priceless. I kind of wish I had been in High School Musical now, so I could contribute to my beloved pasttime of rookie hazing.

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