Sunday, September 28

Karma Is A Bitch to the Ladies Lockerroom


Tonight we all Shea'ed Goodbye (Shea'ed? So I just took a stupid slogan and made it worse. Nice.) And while there is more to come on that sad farewell, I must begin with this.

Karma bit the LLR right in its' fat behind.

Tonight saw the end of the Shea Stadium era and a few notable lasts. Ryan Church made the last Shea out. Scott Schoenweiss recorded the last Shea loss. Damion Easley was the last baserunner at the soon to be gone Queens stadium. And who was the last Shea homerun and was the very last man to ever cross the Shea Stadium plate? My very favorite and yours... Dan F*ck%ng Uggla.


I had the pleasure of running into this 2nd baseman from hell on Friday night. Much to my dismay, he seemed to be a relatively likeable guy... for a bastard. Leaving Friday night's game, I was heading to the 7 train and crossed paths with Uggla. Certain I would say something nasty to him, I approached him and found myself plagued with the curse of Boogie when she ran into Ryan Howard. An unsolicited backhand chop to the shoulder caused him to turn and I simply stated, "Dan Uggla." He looked and responded in the affirmative. Through my head ran a thousand snide remarks but out of my mouth came, "Good game." Dan smiled and said, "Eh, I didn't really play that well tonight." Now unable to control myself, I retorted with "I've seen you play worse." He laughed and told me he was sure I had.

With my chance blown to take out Uggla, I consoled myself with the fact that he is a champion error-maker. I even thought about posting a blog and crushing all beliefs that he was a jerk. Dan Uggla is a cool guy. (God, I HATE typing that.) But I decided not to and to allow the rest of the world to be at peace thinking of Uggla as a total douchebag.

He's not. But I am. And he made me eat a year's worth of words tonight with a homerun that cracked off the bat with a deafening explosion.

God, I hate him.



jason said...

Methinks you are secretly enamored of the 2nd basefish, Stars.

stars said...

wowwww... ew. ugg. la.

so i can't stop writing about him. that is no reason to think i have a crush on 4-e uggla

andrew said...

Haha! stars and danny, sitting in a tree!

stars said...


Anonymous said...

A true mets fan has added Uggs to the "those we love to hate" list -
Chipper-freaking Jones, J-Roll. Have faith Stars, next year Uggs is sure to top this year's stellar All-star game performance for all the world to see

stars said...

i adore you. i too have faith that he will top that mess.