Tuesday, September 30

I Knew The Man Couldn't Be Perfect


From today's New York Post...

"David Wright, the Mets' slugging third baseman, preferred talking politics to baseball after his choke-prone team blew a last chance at the playoffs Sunday. That night, Wright, a Republican who has dined with President Bush at the White House, was chatting with Kelly Hocklass, an African-American woman, at Duke's Sports Bar on East 19th Street. A spy said, "[Wright] professed his love for [John] McCain and 'hot hockey mom' [Sarah Palin] and then told [Hocklass], 'I'm a white boy from Virginia. Who do you think I'm voting for?' " Wright also told her, "You are being fooled by [Barack] Obama because of the color of your skin." But Hocklass told us the two were just joking around. "We were just having a conversation," she said. "I wear an Obama pin and said to him, 'Don't tell me you're a McCain supporter.' We started joking about being Democrat versus Republican. It was a typical conversation at a bar and not serious. We're friends."

Sigh, my dearest love. New Yorkers are trying to find it in their hearts to love you still right now. Freedom of choice, blah blah. Maybe just keep your adoration of the GOP behind closed doors.

I will forgive you tomorrow.


boogie said...

Hey Mr. Choke Artist. How about you concentrate on SEPTEMBER before worrying about NOVEMBER???????

And please, leave Virginia out of this. I don't want people thinking that everyone from VA is as idiotic. Speak for yourself.


maria alana said...

oh, great. now i gotta buy a new mets t-shirt. i got the one with his name on it. damn.