Tuesday, September 23

Baseball Advice From My Big Bro

Boogie: ahem
IllOrange: yes. can i help you?
Boogie: no. obviously you can't.
IllOrange: ok, what is going on here?
Boogie: LOL, taking my baseball frustrations out on you, that's all.
Boogie: don't mind me
IllOrange: oh i see
Boogie: I'm having a beer right now, i should settle down soon
IllOrange: hahah ok
IllOrange: did you go last night?
Boogie: no no, I think Thursday - Sunday is gonna be enough.
Boogie: I'm drinking Miller Lite out of a Starbucks coffee mug at my desk
IllOrange: classy
Boogie: I need it, Benny.
Boogie: I deserve it.
IllestOrange: im gonna be there on thursday too
IllestOrange: and lou is doing you guys a big favor tonight
Boogie: PSH
Boogie: I find that hard to believe
IllOrange: instead of Zambrano starting tonight against Santana Sean Marshall is starting
IllOrange: he did that cuz he wants them to have extra time and time it so they can be done befor the playoffs... because the cubs clinched home field yesterday
Boogie: so you have the best record in the league no matter what?
IllOrange: right
Boogie: good. that's what i needed to hear
IllOrange: right
IllOrange: and the people on TV
Boogie: I was SO pissed at you yesterday. You don't even know
Boogie: I was cursing your name as if you're Pinella, or something
IllOrange: said that Lou has an obligation to play the position players since we are playing you and Milwaukee
IllOrange: hahhahahaha
IllOrange: he has to field the same team and not "throw games" the people on tv were pretty crazed about it
Boogie: you mean our announcers?
Boogie: Gary Keith and Ron? those are my boys. they know their shit. I heard them. They agreed with how Pinella is managing even though the Mets suffered.
Boogie: they know baseball.
IllOrange: yeah
Boogie:I agree with them too, it just SUCKS
Boogie: the Mets shouldn't have put themselves in this position in the first place though
IllOrange: Ron knows whats up
Boogie: we can't rely on Chicago to give us our division.
IllOrange: no the mets control their own destiny right now
IllOrange: the division is going to be tough
IllOrange: focus on teh card
IllOrange: and just win 1 at a time
IllOrange: and i don't even mean games
IllOrange: i mean innings
IllOrange: if the bullpen gives up a run... come back and get the run back
Boogie: definitely
Boogie: and if we get behind, even if its by several runs
Boogie: chip away. we just gotta score and score and score
IllOrange: yes
Ben: our defense has always been solid
Boogie: we need offense like whoa.
Boogie: win as many innings as you can
Boogie:: you're so wise, benny.
Boogie: I'll take these notes to Manuel.
IllOrange: so you arent cursing my name anymroe
Boogie: no, shutup. don't tempt me.
IllOrange: hahahha
IllOrange: i cant even watch tonight
IllOrange: i am going to see My Bloody Valentine
IllOrange: and from what i heard
Boogie: I'll be at New Kids on the Block
Boogie: I WIN.
Boogie: BURN.
Boogie:: SICK BURN.
IllOrange: they are handing out earplugs at the door
Boogie: tee hee

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