Sunday, August 31

Cody Ross Is A Damn Fool


In Cody's defense, I would imagine you can only spend so much time around Dan Uggla before the evil starts to invade your being right to the core. Dramatic take? Yes, perhaps, but Cody's ridiculous outburst during last night's Mets-Marlins game leads me to believe he's either hot-headed to the point of endangering himself or just unfathomably stupid.

Last night in the bottom of the 2nd with 2 outs and a 2-2 count, Mike Pelfrey beaned Cody Ross in the elbow. Cody threw a hissy fit (though I suppose a Pelfrey rocket to the elbow can't feel nice) and began screaming expletives. He seemed to think it was a purposeful hit by Big Pelf. Big Pelf later responded with, "It was a 2-2 count. If anything I did him a favor."

The benches cleared and there was a bit of pushing but no real brawl ensued, which I was frankly hoping for. There are certain members of the Marlins organization that could use some sense knocked into them. Not to mention I would have killed to see the 6'7 pitcher knock out the 5'9 Ross. And I won't name names, but a certain #6 was conspicuously absent from the melee. His fists apparently can't cash the checks that his mouth is writing.

So no brawl, but the kicker? Next pitch Pelfrey picked off Ross. Guess he didn't do him much of a favor after all.

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