Friday, July 18

MVP of the Week


Are baseball posts from Stars going to be mildly prejudicial? Yes, yes they are. As a hardcore Mets fan who makes no apologies for it, my boys are going to get special treatment. Feel free to flame me for it in the comments if you don't like it. I will ignore you over there, too.

But my clear and blatant bias aside, I would like to present the Ladies' Locker Room Inaugural MVP of the week to the King of New York... David Wright!

Not only is David damn fine (even in bobblehead form) and a giving humanitarian, but he is one of the fastest rising stars playing the game today. And Mets fan or not, there is virtually no denying the Mets are the hottest team in baseball racking up 10 in the Win column in a row. The team closest to that streak is 4 and that is embarrassingly not even close. The 10th straight win ties the boys from NY (the good ones) with the Twins for longest winning streak of the '08 season.

And that big win came on the heels of a big hit from the man from VA himself, David Wright. Top of the 9th, there was one last chance for the Mets to recover not one but two lost leads against Cincinnati. And that chance came in the form of Wright who smashed a 2-run homer to lead the Mets into the tie for first place, coming back from a 7 and a half game deficit a little over a month ago.

So today, David, hats off to you... your trophy* is in the mail!



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